Revolutionizing Lighting Technology

Smart home just got (much) easier.

Smart Power Partners approached May Street late in 2020 with a simple request: help sell their unique product to potential manufacturers. With patents, designs, and prototypes, SPP was already on their way to a successful deal, but they needed to present their invention in a convincing way. Within two months, May Street planned, produced, and delivered a portfolio of assets, including a full website, 3D animated videos, and a complete brand kit. With the beautiful 3D animations acting as the visual centerpiece, SPP dove into their pitch meetings equipped to effectively demonstrate their product.

3D Animated Videos

May Street created two completely 3D-animated videos to demonstrate different aspects of the modular system. As seen below, the products were rendered photorealistically. These videos became the focal point of the presentation: a clear, simple, and concise way to demonstrate the product.

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