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Why Film Is an Invaluable Tool for Education Marketing

In today's world, film is one of the most integral parts of an effective education marketing strategy.

The way families evaluate schools has evolved in recent years, and the COVID-19 pandemic has only sped up the pace of that evolution. For your school to reach families as well as keep application and enrollment numbers high, it's marketing needs to evolve too. The strategies of the 1990's, 2000's and 2010's have become obsolete, the education sector's equivalent to Yellow Page ads. The future of education marketing offers an interactive yet engaging experience to students and families. One of the best ways to do this is to incorporate film into your marketing.

Here are few reasons why every education marketing strategy should include film.

Film Invites Families Into Your School

Depending on where your school is located and what the current local laws are surrounding COVID-19, it might be difficult to nearly impossible to host prospective students and families for a live tour of your school. Even if in-person tours are permitted in your area, many families are still fearful of the virus and would prefer a virtual experience.

While detailed photographs and well-written descriptive narratives can give an idea of what is happening inside your school, they can't convey the actual experience of being there like a video can. An expertly shot video brings the viewer into the scene and makes them part of the experience — it's like how when you leave a great war movie you almost feel like you've also experienced fighting in a war.

By giving families an immersive experience, you make them more comfortable sending their child to your school, as they have a vivid mental picture of what is going on inside. Marketing that fails to offer that same level of engagement, marketing that fails to make families feel like they're actually a part of things, by contrast, is less effective at persuading choosy parents who demand only the best for their children.

Film Can Be Repurposed for Social Media Marketing

Another benefit of an in-depth film marketing campaign is that even after you use it for its primary purpose — showing families what a day in your school is like — it provides you with extensive footage that can be spliced, chopped and repurposed for an array of social media marketing campaigns.

The segment featuring students in the science lab can be featured in a Facebook or Instagram ad targeted to students identified as being STEM-focused. Football game footage can be used for outreach campaigns to promising athletes. The funny clip of students and their teacher randomly breaking into a Hamilton number during a civics class can convey the personality of your school and show that it's more than just a bastion of academic asceticism.

Film Can Convey a Lot of Information in a Short Time

As much time as families spend researching schools these days, they still tend to be put off by marketing materials that look as if they will demand too much time from the outset. That's why video is so powerful — it conveys the most information in the least time.

In a five-minute video interview with the dean or principal, you can communicate more relevant information than in a five or six-page press release. And while most families won't take the time to read the press release, they will absolutely carve out a few minutes to watch the video if it's sufficiently engaging.

To learn more about how film can benefit your school's marketing and boost its enrollment numbers, call May Street for Education today to schedule a consultation.

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