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How to Optimize Your School's Instagram Marketing

Instagram is one of the most effective platforms for school marketing because it meets prospective students at a place where, according to research, they spend hours each day.

In order for your school's Instagram marketing to be effective, it needs to be done correctly. An Instagram campaign that makes the best use of the platform can boost your application and enrollment numbers. Here are a few tips on how to optimize your school's Instagram marketing:

Make It Visually Consistent

Even more so than other social media platforms, Instagram is a visual medium. The look of your posts makes all the difference.

Think about the image of your school that you want to convey to prospective students and families. Once you have a clear mental picture, a digital marketing expert from May Street for Education can help you transfer it from your brain to the screen. This is the image that most of your posts should project.

That doesn't mean your posts should all look exactly alike, just that they should convey a common visual theme.

For instance, if your school's big selling point is collaborative learning, its Instagram posts and stories should feature images that depict students, teachers and coaches working together in teams in various capacities.

Make Sure You're Using Stories

As of 2021, the latest Instagram research shows that 'stories' are by far the platform's most popular feature, meaning it is the feature that users engage with the most.

'Stories' are the posts that appear as clickable circles at the top of the app and disappear after 24 hours. Studies show that when both teens and adults use Instagram, they click to view their friends' stories before they scroll through their regular feeds.

If you use them effectively, they build on themselves. This is because Instagram's algorithm tracks whose stories a user engages with most often and lists those accounts' stories at the top when the user logs in, prompting further engagement.

Instagram stories should be quick, punchy and memorable. A digital marketing professional can help you brainstorm things your school should be posting on its Instagram stories.

Use Strong Captions

Captions can refer to both the post that accompanies an image on Instagram and the text featured on the image itself.

The best Instagram captions encourage engagement and compel the viewer to act in some way. Again, keep in mind that Instagram is a visual platform, and people aren't on it to read long, thought-provoking posts — that's what Twitter and Facebook are for. That means you should try to engage your audience in the fewest words possible.

A short, strong, bold caption that grabs people's attention and drives them to act will boost the success of your school's Instagram marketing.

Track Your Analytics

Instagram offers detailed analytics on all paid marketing campaigns. Even certain free features, such as stories, provide information on who is viewing them.

Use this information liberally. By tracking your analytics closely, you can quickly learn which aspects of your Instagram marketing are working and which need to be tweaked. You can continually improve your campaigns, increasing conversion rates which in turn will lead to more applications and enrollments.

To get started on a winning Instagram marketing campaign for your school today, call to set up a consultation with the digital marketing experts at May Street for Education.

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