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Powering A Brand from Inception to Success

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Our client developed a revolutionary technology for modular home power use. But even the most innovative product can’t sell itself. Fortunately, our client recognized this fact, and reached out to us for support. This study looks at how our ongoing marketing strategy has carried the brand from its launch to a licensing agreement with a major market leader.

Focus on the Product

Our client developed a unique product that was ready for production. They had patent and design documents at the ready, and yet they were having difficulty pitching the product to manufacturers. After consulting with the client, we determined the issue to be one of presentation. Technical documents prove a product’s effectiveness, but fell short of demonstrating market appeal. From a branding perspective, something was needed that could show the product as technically viable, yet easy to use.

We planned and delivered a complete package of branding materials, including a set of 3D animations that demonstrate the product’s overall functionality and internal structure. These video elements clearly show the product’s high level of sophistication, while at the same time illustrating its modular design and ease of use. The videos themselves are neat and straightforward in their approach. They feature clean three-dimensional computer graphics that give depth and dimension to the product. Animations offer both an exploded view of the product components, and a demonstration of its function. We can also display a full range of modular options at a glance.

Voiceover covers additional features, including the product’s low cost and ease of installation. Other benefits include the product’s backwards compatibility with existing infrastructure, as well as future compatibility with new smart home devices. The videos give viewers an immediate sense of the product’s versatility and convenience, making it clear than anyone can use the product and should want it in their home.

This elegant, informative presentation of the product proved pivotal in securing a licensing agreement with a market leader in the lighting space. 

Lighting the Way from Here

Putting the spotlight on our client’s product was only the beginning. Once we had helped our client nail the pitch, we moved into the promotional phase. Our current objective is selling the new product to large homebuilders in the US. This involves an overarching strategy for advertising and trade show fulfillment. To support our client, we’ve created a strategy around selling to three tiers of potential buyers: large home builders, smaller home builders, and retail customers. As our client’s strategic partner, we are able to keep all marketing efforts under one roof. This means that we can make design choices and implementations globally, sharing assets and optimizing workflow across various campaigns. Being privy to our client’s plans, we can make decisions with an eye for what’s coming and avoid slack in creative budgets.

Additionally, our position as a brand partner allows us to keep laborious marketing tasks off our client’s plate. For outreach, we set up a Hubspot account and took point on generating leads and populating the account. We created an email campaign, and because we have the full picture of our client’s needs, we are able to outsource as needed to develop content. 

Partnering with our clients allows us to do so much more than hand over a few tools. A clear sense of our client’s brand, and an understanding of their goals empowers us to provide ongoing marketing support. And because we know our client, we aren’t just handing over creative assets or managing emails — we’re telling their story from start to finish. 


Smart Power Partners

Powering A Brand from Inception to Success

Knowing our client lets us do more than hand over visuals or send emails. We can tell their story start to finish.