Picturing Team Players

At Roxbury Latin, character matters during the game — and beyond. Our job is to show what that character looks like.


The Roxbury Latin School is an independent day school for boys enrolled in grades 7-12. Although the school emphasizes academic excellence, Roxbury Latin cares “most of all, what kind of person a boy is.” Dedication to fostering character and personal development are the marrow of the institutional structure, visible in every aspect from small class sizes to high faculty-student ratios, to pursuing a generalist spirit.  

With the aim of preparing boys for fulfilling lives and meaningful public service, Roxbury Latin strives to instill its student body with the values of cooperation and integrity. Nowhere are these values more directly invoked than on the athletics field. Roxbury Latin’s athletics program is founded on the guiding principle of mens sana in corpora sano — a sound mind in a sound body. Few phrases could so poignantly encapsulate the connection between organized athletics and a generalist education.  

Central to this philosophy is the school’s approach to sportsmanship as a “pre-professional” skill. Student athletes learn to respect and celebrate one another, and to function as members of a greater team. The image of a team player, not a self-serving one, is an asset that students will carry for years to come. This is the image that Roxbury Latin helps its students to cultivate.

Our Contribution

In our partnership with Roxbury Latin, we too help to cultivate that image. For years, May Street has provided photography services that both capture and vivify what it means to be a sound mind in a sound body. Whether through shots full of action or introspection, we help to illustrate what it means to be an athlete at Roxbury Latin.

In our efforts to show the person within the student athlete, we focus on every aspect of the narrative. We bring to life the full story, from the field, to the locker room, to the families and individuals who stand behind every player.  

As part of our ongoing partnership providing media services, we feel that we’ve become part of our client’s story. We know the Roxbury Latin campus and its people well. And we’re ever-ready to jump in and be of service at a moment’s notice.

We’ve helped to memorialize such moments as the school’s 375 Year Celebration, and to celebrate the extended Roxbury Latin family at events like the Alumni Thanksgiving and seasonal Family Days. Every sport, from the field, to the court, to the rink comes alive — and never without a smiling face. May Street provides proof that a tradition founded on positive growth back in 1645 is still thriving today.

At Roxbury Latin, character matters during the game — and beyond. Our job is to show what that character looks like.

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