Partnering for Communication

We ensure that our client reaches the eyes and ears of the students and families who rely on them daily.

In May of 2020, we partnered with the Lower School at Milton Academy to support their communications and media outreach. Evolving to meet our client’s needs, we partnered with them to play the role of their ongoing communications voice.

In this study, we highlight some of the challenges that our client faced, how we overcame them, and what we do to provide ongoing communications support.

Project Plan

Schools already face a formidable task in managing their communications during the best of times. An educational institution must remain accessible at all times, in addition to constantly reaching out to students’ families. Equally daunting is the task of internal communication.

May Street partnered with our client to help meet these demands, and now provides ongoing support to a variety of teams. We offer complete media support in all day-to-day communications. This included email campaigns, long-form community updates and newsletters, and short videos.

Design for these tasks occurs within tight timeframes, and often requires same-day turnaround. In order to meet this demand, May Street embeds itself in the client’s internal teams, allowing for a closer working relationship and a better understanding of our client’s immediate needs. With our ear to the ground, we are able to respond quickly to changes and decision making.


Early in the 2020-2021 academic year, the Lower School’s leadership team expressed the need for a centralized resource for all school communications. May Street created the Parent Resources site, an easy-to-modify, on-brand website. The website shared critical information such as re-opening plans, classroom information, and other resources. Through this single, secure point of contact, parents were able to access a host of school resources via a simple, easy-to-navigate interface.

As soon as Covid-19 hit, May Street assumed authorship of the Lower School’s Instagram channel and became the driving force behind key updates. Working with school leadership and communicators, May Street retooled the social media channel into an informational resource in support of announcements and overall goals. May Street continued its work with the Lower School through its reopening plan. We facilitated the transition toward a “new normal” through an array of resources and services — from creating floor arrows, to safety videos, to parent briefings. Thanks to our solid positioning with our client, we were able to respond in stride, and help them pivot from an attitude of crisis-response to ongoing solutions. 

General Communication Materials

The Lower School is constantly in communication with their families, and May Street supports the various teams with day-to-day communications, including emailers, long-form PDF community updates, and short videos. May Street is often tasked with designs that carry same-day timeframes. By embedding ourselves in the Lower School's internal teams from the very beginning, we've been able to support these quick requests with ease.


We partner with Milton Academy’s Lower School to advance their communications. As we continue in our partnership, we ensure that their branding is consistent, their message is on-point, and above all, that they reach the eyes and ears of the students and families who rely on them daily.

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