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We're able to support the Lower School throughout all facets of their operations, from day-to-day communication to admissions and advancement.

Opportunity from Abnormality

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May Street began working with the Lower School at Milton Academy in the summer of 2020. Soon, we partnered with the Lower School in support of their COVID-19 Re-Opening plan; creating everything from floor arrows, to safety videos, to parent briefings. More importantly though, we helped develop and share the idea of Opportunity from Abnormality: a guiding principle that would propel the Lower School, and its community of families, faculty, and staff, through the hardships of COVID-19 and the ever-changing landscape of our world. By pairing this guiding principle with the overall goals of the Lower School and a full May Street branding overhaul, we're able to support the Lower School throughout all facets of their operations, from day-to-day communication to admissions and advancement.

A Brand-New Parent Resource Website

In the early part of the 2020-21 school year, the Lower School leadership team expressed a need for a centralized resource to share Lower School re-opening plans, classroom information, and other resources. Within a few weeks, May Street created the Parent Resources site: an easily modifiable, on-brand, website. Through this secure site, parents are able to access a variety of Lower School resources in an easy-to-navigate, simple interface.

Social as a Multi-Purpose Tool

As soon as COVID-19 hit, May Street began driving the Lower School's Instagram channel. We applied the goals of our re-opening strategy and the Lower School as a whole to our new social planning, and the Instagram feed quickly became a new, revitalized resource for both parents and prospective families alike. Working closely with the Lower School leadership team and communications personnel, May Street re-branded and revamped the channel to support many of the Lower School's goals.

Back to the Basics: Signage and Stickers

May Street supported the Lower School (and the Middle and High Schools, as well) by designing and printing massive quantities of COVID-19 safety signage and stickers in a short timeframe. We created large posters for common areas, small ones for classrooms, arrows for stairwells, and floor stickers for hallways.

General Communication Materials

The Lower School is constantly in communication with their families, and May Street supports the various teams with day-to-day communications, including emailers, long-form PDF community updates, and short videos. May Street is often tasked with designs that carry same-day timeframes. By embedding ourselves in the Lower School's internal teams from the very beginning, we've been able to support these quick requests with ease.


In addition to video content, May Street created an extensive gallery of photography for use across all platforms. With a photographer on campus almost each month of the school year (all of the students know him by name), we had an ample supply of photography to use on social media, in communication design, and other key areas. While we're unable to link to that gallery in this case study (see note below), please contact us for more information and samples of our work.

Due to the sensitive and/or confidential information contained in much of our work for the Lower School, we're unable to exhibit some items listed above, like the Resources Site, on this page. However, we may be able to demonstrate some work in a more secure way; please contact May Street to learn more about this case study.
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