Branding in 3D

Done right, visual marketing sells more than a brand — it sells quality of life.

Our client developed a revolutionary modular technology around home power usage. Undoubtedly, this was the sort of innovative product that sells itself. The snag? There were no good visuals to show it off.

This study looks at how the right visual approach can get a great product off the ground, and how we were able to do just that for our client.

Project Plan

Simplicity can make for a great product, but it doesn’t guarantee good branding. An elegant approach to design can mask the sophistication within, and ultimately sell the product short.

Our client had developed a unique product that was ready for production. They had patent and design documents at the ready, and yet they were having difficulty pitching the product to manufacturers. 

After consulting with the client, we determined the issue to be one of presentation. Technical documents proved that the product was effective, but they fell short of demonstrating its unique appeal.

From a branding perspective, something was needed that could show the product as technically viable, yet easy to use.


We planned and delivered a complete package of branding materials. Central to this brand kit was a set of 3D animations demonstrating the product’s overall functionality and internal structure. These video elements clearly showed the product’s high level of sophistication, while at the same time illustrating its modular design and ease of use. 

Moreover, the videos gave viewers an immediate sense of the product’s versatility and convenience. While the technical documents may have supported the product’s design, they failed to communicate the ease with which a human could interact with it. The new visuals told that story in an instant, making it clear than anyone could use the product and would want it in their home. 

The videos themselves were simple and straightforward in their approach. They featured clean three-dimensional computer graphics that gave depth and dimension to the product. The animations offered both an exploded view of the product components, and a demonstration of its function. Furthermore, we were able to show off the full range of modular options at a glance. 

A voiceover narration provided additional features, including the product’s low cost and ease of installation. Other benefits included the product’s backwards compatibility with existing infrastructure, as well as future compatibility with new smart home devices. 

With an elegant visual presentation, we were thus able to establish the product’s value in a matter of seconds.


The animations proved pivotal in selling the product, and the client signed a deal with a major company in their field.

Visual media can communicate a product’s user-friendliness and convenience faster than any other medium. Done right, such marketing sells more than a brand — it sells quality of life. Humans experience the world three-dimensionally, and sometimes that’s the best way to get the message across.

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