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Careers at May Street

A small but mighty team.

As a growing agency, we're always looking for new talent.

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A people-first company.

  • We've learned quite a bit from COVID-19 and the shift to remote. So our entire company architecture - systems, policies, traditions - is based on remote work.
  • We're a creative organization, and we understand the life of creative people. We offer lots of flexibility in positions.
  • We offer ample benefits for full-time and some part-time employees.

An agency for today.

As a relatively new agency, May Street is designed for today's work environment; we use advanced digital systems to create a remote working team that thrives.
Agency Design
We're an agency built for today's content-heavy world.
Our team creates an environment that supports innovative ideas and creativity.
Our team has decades of combined experience in our strategy and mediums.
We're really, really passionate about what we do.
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Join our growing team.

We're looking for folks who really enjoy this type of work; people who want to question creative decisions and be proud of their contributions and achievements.
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